Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What should be known about living in The Oaks?
A: For summary facts please click here.

Q: Are dues and is membership in the H.O.A. mandatory?
A: Yes. For a detail explanation please click here.

Q: What are the annual dues used for?
A: For a comprehensive explanation please click here.

Q: Which Hernando County department to call when I need to report a violation or get information?
A: For a contact listing please click here.

Q: Where can I park my vehicles?
A: Yes. For a detail explanation please click here.

Q: How to obtain a mailbox key?
A: Contact the local post office at 352.796.3664 to request a key.

Q: Are fences allowed and what do I need to do to put up a fence on my property?
A: Yes. All construction, including fences, requires approval from the Architectural Control Committee (ACC) of the HOA.
Homeowners must submit a completed ACC Application for Construction,
including the required documents as noted on the application, for review and approval by the ACC.

Please print a blank copy of the ACC Application for Construction,
complete it, attach the required documents and mail to:

The Oaks of Spring Hill HOA, Inc.
14169 Lawrence St.
Spring Hill, FL. 34609
Attn: ACC

Q: What do I need to do to build a home on my lot, or make changes to my current home?
A: All construction must be approved by the Architectural Control Committee (ACC).
Please leave a message with your contact information on this site by clicking on the "SEND A MESSAGE" box
located at the bottom of this page. Someone from the ACC will be in touch with you promptly.

Q: Are sheds allowed?
A: No. For details, please refer to Deed Restriction number 8.

Q: Where are vehicles not allowed to be parked?
A: It is against County Codes to park vehicles on the street, in the swale (which is County property),
or blocking the sidewalk in your driveway.

Please adhere to the regulations to avoid being ticketed by the County.

Q: Are E-mail notices sent regarding Community Events?
A: The Homeowner's Association, (H.O.A.), currently does not notify residents via e-mail.
The community bulletin boards are posted with anything of possible importance to The Oaks community.

There has been a Community Newsletter mailed to each resident on a regular basis which is also posted on our website.

Q: Who is responsible for fixing sidewalks when cracked or broken?
A: Contact the Hernando County Transportation Services located at:
1525 East Jefferson Street, Brooksville, FL
Phone: 352.754.4060

Q: Who is responsible for street light repairs?
A: Call the Withlacoochee River Electric Cooperative Office phone number (352) 596-4000,
Press 2 for Repair Services and follow the voice prompt.
log on to the WREC Website and click on the Repair Street Light button,
then complete and submit the Street Light Repair Request Form.

Q: Is there a fertilizer ordinance in effect for Hernando County?
A: Yes. It regulates how, where and when fertilizers can be applied to plants and grass.
The ordinance includes a limited application season from January 1 through March 31 of each year.
During this time period, only professional applicators who are trained, certified and registered according to the terms
of the ordinance may apply fertilizer. The only forms of nitrogen fertilizer that may be applied during this period are
those that are labeled as slow- or controlled-release. The applicator must be able to verify the fertilizer product used
and provide the verification upon request and must register with Hernando County by June 1, 2014.

To view the Homeowner Guidance Sheet click here.

Call the Hernando County UF/IFAS Extension office at (352) 754-4433 for more information about the ordinance.
Visit Website for further information about the Florida Yards & Neighborhoods Program.
Call the Hernando County Permitting office at (352) 754-4050 for professional applicators to register with the County.

Important Telephone Numbers

Hernando County
352.754.6830   Animal Control
352.754.4056   Code Enforcement
352.540.6800   Health Department
352.754.4190   Homestead Exemption
352-796-3664   Post Office (16150 Aviation Loop)
352-754-4060   Public Works Department
352.754.4112   Report Garbage Not Picked Up
352.540.6457   Republic Services (Trash Pick-up)
352.754.6830   Sheriff Dept (Non-Emergency)
352.754.4037   Utilities Department
352.596-4000   Withlacoochee Electric

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